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Something I created.

Hey, this was one of a three part series I did with the Three Meisters, talking about what they’re sex life would probably be like.  I tried to stay as close to character as possible. This is intended for comedy.

"A Sound Soul Resides Within A Sound MInd And A Sound Body." Maka had said to him.

Soul had been confused. It came out of nowhere. “Yeah, that’s what Lord Death says, why?” Maka gave him a strange look and sighed.

"I was just thinking about what that means." She said.

"It means being healthy, mentally and phsycially right?" Soul rolled his eyes. Trust a girl like her to over think it.

"Well, yes, but it’s more then that Soul. It means always being honest with yourself, knowing your mind and your body as well as you can. " SHe said, she seemed nervous.

"Maka, tell me what’s on your mind, stop being uncool." He said. Maka pursed her lips and sighed.

"Soul… do you like me?" She asked. Souls eyes widened.

"W-What?! What kinda question is that?!" He asked frantically.

"Just ansewr me Soul. It’s important." She pouted.

"I… Yeah, so?" He turned his head to the side and pou- Scowled. Cool guys like him didn’t pout.

"Well, I like you too!" She blurted out. She covered her mouth with wide eyes at how she practically shouted at him.

"Okay?" He said with a smile. "So where do we go from here." He asked. She obviously wasn’t going to do anything so he sighed. He knew she would sit there and be quiet for an hour so he sighed and leaned over the table at her, she looked up in surprise as he laid a soft kiss on her lips. "Stop overthinking it." He grinned at her.

She grabbed his collar and he waited for her to shake him but instead she pulled him in and kissed him. Her tongue invaded his mouth and his eyes widened in surprise.

"Soul… I have to be honest… it’s important to… um… our teamwork. I want you." She was obviously nervous but determined and he sighed, and pulled her close for another kiss.

They made love for the first time that night. However, he had had to lead the whole experience. She wouldn’t do anything but lay there and let him finish. Once he was done she had laid there. She let out a breath. “So that was sex.” SHe had said. “It was fun.” He looked at her and smiled.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool." He responded.

Maka from that point on had them scheduled to have sex once a day every day they were home. It was at eight o’clock and went to eight thirty. He had tried to convince her only once that they should try something new then the same missionary position every night. She had given him a look of anger and muttered under her breath.

"What are you my dad?" She frowned and turned her back to him. He had just sighed and apologized. Still, he enjoyed what they did.

After all, cool guys did what their girls wanted.


dear soulxmaka tag

please source your art you are driving me up the wall

(ps, we heart it or ‘i found it on google’ are not sources)

(pps dude how can you have the audacity to gank art that was only posted like a month ago)

(ppps like i know you really love soulxmaka, preacher to the choir dude, but so do the artistsssssss and you’re being kinda (really) rude)

(pppps because that’s like re-posting a wonderful fic without stating who wrote it— you obviously wouldn’t do that so whyyyyyyy…why)



I search SoMa AU ff!



I read since few days now Soul x Maka fanfictions. But i’m a terrible at finding such wonderful fic’s!
May you can give me a link to an great FF?
I search fic’s like: soul eater airship grigori!
Please! I need it! T^T

Hello!  So there is a SoulxMaka fanfics tumblr that I think would be of help for you.  There’s tons of fantastic stories on there that divided up by topic as well as great author recs.

all-american-anteater asked:

"Crap, get the duct tape!" Soma + blue. (I don't know where this came from.)


Here! have some cracky tumblr/highschool au… Thank for the prompt!! :D



We went back to school shopping today!! 

#im glad I convinced Soul to go with me


Back to school shopping was the best part of the year- in Maka’s opinion.  It Soul’s opinion, it sucked. Trust Maka (the nerd) to be happy about school and all the lame shit they needed to carry with it. 

But she was strangely over excited about everything and it was quite cute. This was also kind of a tradition. Every year Maka would drag Soul out to some lame store and he would complain about it like the cool guy he was (while secretly enjoying himself). She even posted in her tumblr how excited she was. 

"Look Soul!" Maka exclaimed, her eyes bright and her hands clasped in front of her. "Fun USB sticks!" Her face lighting up even more (how was that even possible?).

Soul sighed once again and allowed her to take his hand and drag him over to the tall display of coloured cartoon characters, skulls and animals. 

After they both had a new USB- Soul opting for a plain red one and Maka getting a little skull shaped one- they walked together towards the checkout. 

When they had almost reached the checkout Soul was abruptly pulled back. “Wait, Soul!” Maka joyfully cried out, “There’s coloured duct tape!” 

Oh death. No, just no. 

"Maka," Soul began, his voice calm and cool. "You don’t need the duct tape. There is nothing you could use it on."

She was pouting then. Her arms crossed across her chest as she looked up at him. “There is a lot of things that I can do with duct tape.” She stated. 


He was giving her that look again. She knew that look. It was the “why would you do that” look. The “you don’t need that” look. 

Maka smiled as she swung their hands back and forth. It was a kinda cute look. In the end she had bought the duct tape. It had black and white cartoon skulls with a blue background on it, how could she not? Besides it matched her USB stick. It was perfect. 

When they got all their school supplies situated in her backpack, Maka got on the bike behind Soul and wrapped her arms around his waist. His leather jacket was warm against hers and then they were driving, back to her house where they had been crashing earlier. 

When they got to her house she hopped off the bike and took off her helmet, putting it in the saddle bag. 

When he did the same, they moved together towards her apartments door and unlocked it. 

As they walked in they were suddenly made a target of one Spirit Albarn: over protective father. 

Soul looked terrified when Spirit launched himself across the room to pin him against the wall, his blue eyes flashing. Spirit was screaming at Soul because how dare he and Maka go get school supplies (that wasn’t even bad or his business). 

All Soul managed to say to her as she stared at her father trying to figure out a way to get him to let go was “Crap, get the duct tape!”

Apparently they did need duct tape after all. 

izzyk279 asked:

Soma: "Could you help me study?"


Unexpectedly, this took a turn for the PG-13…

She does a little double-take as he says it, eyes widening in shock. “Are you feeling okay?” she asks, pushing herself away from her desk to cross her room. She reaches up and feels at his forehead, only halfway joking. 

"Har har," he says dryly, leaning away. "You’re hilarious. I’m serious, Maka, I’m having trouble with this assignment."

"So?" she asks, still perplexed. "You’ve never cared about homework before."

She thinks it might be her imagination, but his cheeks flush ever-so-slightly. He rubs the back of his neck, trying to regain his composure. “Just…c’mere, would ya?” 

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lucidrush asked:

SoMa prompt - Birthmark. Maka has hidden her birthmark from Soul through their whole relationship, a splotch extending from her upper inner thigh to just under her belly button, and has always insisted on having sex with the lights off. He accidentally walks in on her changing and sees the mark and proves that she had nothing to be worried about. Go.



kinda nsfw-y but barely really also body image stuff but! it’s cute. I think. Enjoy!


She screams.

Part of her knows she’s being irrational, but years and years of being teased about her stupid birthmark was enough to traumatize even her. And as she begins to pick up things to throw at him – her pillow, her books, even the clothes she had laid out and was about to wear – she can barely make out his sputtering apologies as he tries to close the door in peace.

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Anonymous asked:

NSFW soma? I kinda haven't found anything good so I thought ask you :D



Honestly the best places to look are the Blogs I reblog from. I also have some 300+ Soul Eater/SoulxMaka related pictures on my phone that I could post. ORRRR if you’re willing do a little digging I know I’ve posted both Fic and Art on this blog. But You’d have to go looking back. Also you could try searching the #NSFW Soma and/or #Soma NSFW . If you would like anymore help lemme know :D

We hope you see this anon, because we have a lot of NSFW recommendations!  If you look through our blog with either the tag “nsfw" or "smut" you’ll find a lot of different authors smutty, smutty stories.  Happy reading!

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