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oddlittlesya asked:

"You are adorable." SoMa! :D (bonus points if flustered and blushing Soul hehehe)


Happy post-sex SoMa :D 

a little nsfw but barely; needed to write this before I go balls deep into the angst train


There they lay in a sweaty mess, tired yet ridiculously content. Her mind was still racing with what had happened. She could still remember him, hovering over her, the way his eyes captured hers and locked them in place. How he feathered kisses along her collar, her neck, her ears, as he pushed in and began to thrust. The way sweat framed his face when she reached to stroke his cheek, reached to trace the hints of scarring down his chest, before she pulled him in a hug.

He had truly treated her like a princess, as he promised. No, he had been even better: she felt like a goddess.

He moaned in protest as she shifted around in her bed. “Relax, I’m not going, I just want some blankets,” Maka said bracingly. He made a noise into his pillow but didn’t protest as she sat up, dragging the light blue covers over her legs and onto her torso. As she reclined back down, the white-haired mass of hair shifted lightly as he extended an arm.

She opted for his chest, instead.

Maka snuggled in, his skin warm and smooth against her cheeks. She could hear his heart, thumping unsteadily in her ears, and she sighed in contentment. She was startled as he heard him hum lightly, the sounds of his voice reverberating in him both surprising yet at the same time, soothing. She felt his arm wrap around her torso, fingers dancing lightly against the curve of her hip.

They laid there in silence for a few moments, both basking in the joy of each other’s company. The question that had been on her mind (probably since they started dating) flashed in her mind. Unable to contain it any longer, she turned her head slowly, resting her opposite cheek on his chest.

“Hey Soul?” Her partner’s head tilted down, his fingers paused from their little piano recital as he caught her eye.

“Yeah?” The vibrations of his chest made her smile.

“What do you like about me?”

God, even she knew she hated that question, and as she said it she immediately regretted it. This was kind of the last thing she wanted to say, but she wanted to hear it. The conflicting thoughts battled in her head and it probably extended to her eyes because his red orbs softened. “Oh, I mean, if you don’t-“

“Nah, I’ll tell you,” he said soothingly as his hands moved from her side to her hair, stroking the blonde locks almost in a worshipping manner. “You, you are everything to me.” He looked away then, lost in thought, as words spilled from his mouth. “You’re always there to protect me, since day one. You can be crazy, you can beat the crap out of everyone – what’s hotter than a girl who can do that? But you can be so kind and so nice.” Her eyes widened because she honestly didn’t expect that kind of an answer – maybe a tease, or a subtle deflection as to not ruin the moment. He continued anyways, “You are so compassionate when you need to be, and you put me before you sometimes. Me. You make me feel alive; you make me feel wanted. And I just love..” he paused then as he seemed to regain consciousness as to what he was saying. “Love..”

Before she could blink his hands hand flown to her face, covering her eyes. She shot back in alarm, but her vision was still blocked. “Wha- Soul, hey, put your hand down!” She whined as she tried to lean in but his grip persisted.

“Ah, don’t look, I’m really uncool right now,” he complained, his voice sounding strange when she wasn’t also reading his facial expressions too. She flailed against his grip before she eventually grabbed his hands and pried them off her face.

He was beet red.

His other palm had covered his mouth, he looked like he was almost sulking as he looked away from her. “Stop staring,” he barked, his eyes wild with alarm when he realized she could see him.

Maka giggled.

“You are adorable,” she cooed.

She barely managed to catch the pillow he had thrown at her face. 


Anonymous asked:

SoMa "Come here daddy" cuz that's a soma parent implication right?


Here you go Nonny, late a hell and not really smutty but whatever.

There were quite a few surprising perks of pregnancy that Soul was quite delighted to discover, aside from the whole ‘we’re having a baby!’ thing. One was that Maka was one of the women that actually seemed to glow with life, which was quite a nice thing to look at (it always made his heart feel warm and made him want to do unmanly things like pinch her cheeks and always cuddle her).

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30 Day OTP Challenge- Day 13, Eating Ice Cream


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Soul watched in horror as Maka ate her whippy, vanilla ice cream in a cone under the shade of their beach umbrella.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” she asked finally, once she had gotten tired of him staring at her.

“H-how?” was all he could say.

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Something I created.

Hey, this was one of a three part series I did with the Three Meisters, talking about what they’re sex life would probably be like.  I tried to stay as close to character as possible. This is intended for comedy.

"A Sound Soul Resides Within A Sound MInd And A Sound Body." Maka had said to him.

Soul had been confused. It came out of nowhere. “Yeah, that’s what Lord Death says, why?” Maka gave him a strange look and sighed.

"I was just thinking about what that means." She said.

"It means being healthy, mentally and phsycially right?" Soul rolled his eyes. Trust a girl like her to over think it.

"Well, yes, but it’s more then that Soul. It means always being honest with yourself, knowing your mind and your body as well as you can. " SHe said, she seemed nervous.

"Maka, tell me what’s on your mind, stop being uncool." He said. Maka pursed her lips and sighed.

"Soul… do you like me?" She asked. Souls eyes widened.

"W-What?! What kinda question is that?!" He asked frantically.

"Just ansewr me Soul. It’s important." She pouted.

"I… Yeah, so?" He turned his head to the side and pou- Scowled. Cool guys like him didn’t pout.

"Well, I like you too!" She blurted out. She covered her mouth with wide eyes at how she practically shouted at him.

"Okay?" He said with a smile. "So where do we go from here." He asked. She obviously wasn’t going to do anything so he sighed. He knew she would sit there and be quiet for an hour so he sighed and leaned over the table at her, she looked up in surprise as he laid a soft kiss on her lips. "Stop overthinking it." He grinned at her.

She grabbed his collar and he waited for her to shake him but instead she pulled him in and kissed him. Her tongue invaded his mouth and his eyes widened in surprise.

"Soul… I have to be honest… it’s important to… um… our teamwork. I want you." She was obviously nervous but determined and he sighed, and pulled her close for another kiss.

They made love for the first time that night. However, he had had to lead the whole experience. She wouldn’t do anything but lay there and let him finish. Once he was done she had laid there. She let out a breath. “So that was sex.” SHe had said. “It was fun.” He looked at her and smiled.

"Yeah, it was pretty cool." He responded.

Maka from that point on had them scheduled to have sex once a day every day they were home. It was at eight o’clock and went to eight thirty. He had tried to convince her only once that they should try something new then the same missionary position every night. She had given him a look of anger and muttered under her breath.

"What are you my dad?" She frowned and turned her back to him. He had just sighed and apologized. Still, he enjoyed what they did.

After all, cool guys did what their girls wanted.


dear soulxmaka tag

please source your art you are driving me up the wall

(ps, we heart it or ‘i found it on google’ are not sources)

(pps dude how can you have the audacity to gank art that was only posted like a month ago)

(ppps like i know you really love soulxmaka, preacher to the choir dude, but so do the artistsssssss and you’re being kinda (really) rude)

(pppps because that’s like re-posting a wonderful fic without stating who wrote it— you obviously wouldn’t do that so whyyyyyyy…why)



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