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I used to be so obsessed with this pairing back when I was addicted to Soul Eater. After seeing the first episode of Soul Eater Not! and seeing Maka and Soul in it, I couldn’t help but want to draw them. This idea ended up changing drastically. I originally wanted Maka to be concerned and guilty over Soul’s scar on his chest and Soul being surprised by the sudden hug, but I ended up making them look happy hahah.

This was supposed to be just a doodle, but I ended up working on this for hours and it’s 6:30am and I should sleep.


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SoMa Week 2014 || Day 1: Roommates


Okay, so I hear lunar-resonance is having a bad day, and since it’s already 9:30 a.m. Monday morning in Australia, I think I can qualify that as SoMa Week starting.  I mean, I was gonna post in another 6.5 hours as it was, so… here, have my first SoMa Week prompt a little early.

Tsubaki discovers something surprising about Maka and her long-time roommate.


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Soul Eater - SoMa Week 2014 - Roommates fanfiction - A DOOR AWAY


Damn, that feeling again… After all these years, all we went through, I guess I knew it was bound to happen. After all, she is the coolest meister in the world. And now at 18 years old, I thought of her as something much cooler.

And I can’t even tell her that.

I mean, I can, but… not in the way…

SoMa Week 2014 - Day 1: Roommates


I did the best that I could on this topic. I didn’t have that good of an idea, but I think it turned out okay. It was 5 pages long on my computer, though it doesn’t translate very long when posted on Fanfiction. Anyways, this is part of my contribution for SoMa Week this year, sense I didn’t participate last year.


Soul Eater // Soul x Maka week 2014: Roomates

Here is my contribution for the prompt “Roomates”! :>

Actually I had some problems to choose an idea because you could draw so much with them being cute dorky roomates. ;u; In the end I picked that one; a lazy sunday morning/or a free morning and both feeling comfortable with each other and acting all silly again - because life is a pain in the butt being all serious and dangerous all the time so they definitely deserve some fun to relax anD JUMPING ON A BED WITH SOMEONE ON A LAZY MORNING IS THE MOST FUNNIEST THING I KNOW ;U;

bluebloodedphantom asked:

Do you think Soul enjoys cuddling with Maka?


Dude. Soul is such a cuddle bug. It’s practically canon. He’s always initiating a lot of contact with her, ranging from casual touches on the shoulder to all of that really cuddly stuff that went down when they were using her soul perception to search for Crona (which, by the way, was totally 100% not necessary because we know for a fact that they don’t need to even be in the same room to resonate strongly enough to enter each others’ souls, let alone have him right up behind her with the two of them holding hands over her shoulder).

And when Soul’s freaking out and needing reassurance? The very first thing Maka does is to offer her hand for him to hold. She gets it. Physical affection is clearly very comforting to him and also one of his predominant means of showing the people he loves that he cares for them (the other is his mother hen tendencies, which is so canon I could weep). You better believe that when they get together he’s constantly all up in her personal space- and it’s not even a sexual thing (though there is that, too). He just really likes being near her, lots of hugs and snuggling and affection, that feeling of being connected and close to someone.

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